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Farewell to Rebekah


Rebekah has been the intern all year based at Hope Church East Cleveland. She has been working with them as part of the Methodist Church One Programme, focusing on developing youth work. Rebekah has served this year in all kinds of ministry areas including toddlers, young people, schools, families and community grocery. She has also undertaken training via the Methodist Church based at Cliff College, and meet with other youth leader from across the Teesvalley as part of Teevalley Youth for Christ's serve team. A huge thanks to Maddie for acting as a mentor for her and showing her so many new things across the Teesvalley, also to Tim and Audery at TVYFC. A thanks to Sandie for being her line manager with the Methodist church. Rebekah will be very much missed by our youth, and we wish her all the best as she starts a new adventure with studying for a BA(hons) in Theology and Mission at Cliff College. We will be praying over Rebekah's next steps and can't wait to welcome her back into church at holiday times – we have told her to keep her team t-shirt on standby!

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